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Quick Facts
1.Find OOX-22/FE!

Find OOX-22/FE!

Take the distress beacon to Oglethorpe's homing robot in a cave near Feral Scar Vale.
OOX-22/FE Distress Beacon
Provided Item:
OOX-22/FE Distress Beacon


You have uncovered some sort of strange, egg-shaped device made from metal. Fiddling with one of its knobs springs the egg to life, as it opens up into some sort of gnomish robotic contraption! A voice from inside the robotic egg crackles to life.

"My name's Oglethorpe Obnoticus, and my homing robot has crashed! I will reward you for its recovery; please take this beacon to the robot!"

"I now have computed the coordinates of the robot for you; it is in a cave near Feral Scar Vale!"


You appear to have uncovered the wreckage of... a robotic chicken? The voice from within the egg crackles to life again:

"Yes, excellent work! This is indeed my homing robot, though my sensors indicate that it needs a jump start before it can fly back to Booty Bay for repairs. Go ahead and place the beacon inside the rover - the beacon will take care of the rest!"


You place the egg... distress beacon... inside the chicken... homing robot.

Hums and whirs are heard from inside the robot as it struggles to stand up. After the robot comes to life, Oglethorpe's voice is heard once more, but now from inside the robot:

"OOX-22/FE is working at least, but it needs major repairs! It is much too heavy for you to carry it... but I think I have an idea. Are you up for watching over it some more?"


Upon completion of quests, get: