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Quick Facts
1.The Pledge of Secrecy
Require One of
Closes Quests

The Pledge of Secrecy

If you agree to become a Gnome Engineer, then right-click on the Pledge of Secrecy and speak once more with Oglethrope Obnoticus in Booty bay.
Oglethorpe's Signed Pledge
Provided Item:
Oglethorpe's Pledge of Secrecy


Gnome engineering is about engineering theory shaped to serve our needs! Our schemata allow us to make devices that control the world around us; the manual you read covered this.

The manual also covered our ages old oath of secrecy on our schemata. Once you become a gnome engineer, that's that. There is no access to goblin engineering at all.

If you still want to become a gnome engineer, sign this document pledging life-long secrecy and speak with me again. Think about it carefully, <name>.


If you've signed the document and are ready to hand it to me, then that is that.

While I may vehemently disagree with Gnomeregan - especially that fool Tinkmaster Overspark - politically, the Pledge of Secrecy transcends everything else! You must agree to commit a single path and stay true to that path throughout your life.


Welcome aboard, <name>! You soon will have access to the most advanced engineering schemata anywhere on Azeroth.

Now that you have committed yourself to the pursuit of this knowledge, it is time to examine your gnome-oriented engineering work. From there, we'll help you build a plan to maximize your gnome engineering talents!


Upon completion of quests, get:
  • 42 experience (2 52 at max. level)