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Quick Facts
2.Un'Goro Soil
Open Quests

Un'Goro Soil

Bring 20 Un'Goro Soil samples to Ghede on the Elder Rise of Thunder Bluff.
Un'Goro Soil (20)


The soil of Un'Goro Crater is reportedly enriched with potent magical qualities. The Cenarion Circle wants to study this soil in large quantities; go into the wilds of Un'Goro and acquire enough of it for our continued research.

The rich soil will stick out in piles from time to time, and some of the beasts might have usable samples on their being. Take them all outside to Ghede; just look for the piles of dirt and the tauren barking orders. He means well, just don't get him riled up though!


Also, you get: 1 45


At ease, Private. If you're here to unload soil from Un'Goro - outstanding then! Otherwise, disappear.


Oh that's right Private <name>, don't make any effort to help me unload this soil up on to the piles! If the Great Spirits had wanted it done they would have miracled it up there, now wouldn't they?!

Arch Druid Runetotem wants to speak with you again, but for his next task you find that a journeyman's understanding of Herbalism would be helpful. If you don't know it though, he'll still find a use for you.


Upon completion of quests, get:
  • 470 experience (28 20 at max. level)
  • 250 Reputation with Thunder Bluff