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Alien Ecology

Use the Scraping Vial to collect a Hive Wall Sample from one of the Gorishi hive hatcheries in Un'Goro Crater. Look for the chambers with the hanging larval spawns.

Bring the Hive Wall Sample to Hol'anyee Marshal in Un'Goro Crater.
Hive Wall Sample
Provided Item:
Unused Scraping Vial


Just because we've suffered a setback doesn't mean that research must stop! We were investigating the Gorishi insects in the southern part of the crater before winding up here. Their presence is alien to the ecology of Un'Goro, and we want to find out why.

In their hive network must be larval hatcheries. You can identify these places by their hanging larval spawns. Use this vial to take a sample of the hive wall near any of the hatcheries. Bring it back to me for study, but be careful!


Also, you get: 40


Do you have the sample of the Gorishi hive for me to study, <name>?


Yes, this will do nicely. You've been a great help... I wish I could give you more than this, but being virtually stranded in the middle of a savage land does limit what I can and cannot give. Rest assured though - the research done here would not have been possible without your assistance!


Upon completion of quests, get:
  • 305 experience (18 30 at max. level)