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2.Helcular's Revenge

Helcular's Revenge

Charge the Rod of Helcular with the powers of the Flame of Azel, Flame of Veraz and the Flame of Uzel.

Drive the charged rod into Helcular's grave in Southshore.
Flame of Azel charged [Charging]
Flame of Veraz charged [Charging]
Flame of Uzel charged [Charging]
Rod of Helcular
Provided Item:
Rod of Helcular


Here, take the Rod of Helcular. You will need it.

Helcular fashioned 3 ceremonial pyres as part of his most powerful spell. The Flame of Azel and the Flame of Veraz lie within the Foothill Caverns. The Flame of Uzel lies in a cave above the caverns, further north in the mountains.

The Rod of Helcular must be charged from each of the three flames. Once the ritual is complete, drive the rod into Helcular's grave in Southshore, the heavily guarded human town to the south. Vengeance shall be ours!


Helcular's grave teems with a mystical energy.


A great rumbling emanates from the ground.


Upon completion of quests, get:
  • 330 experience (19 80 at max. level)
  • 350 Reputation with Undercity