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Quick Facts
  • Level: 31
  • Requires level: 26
  • Side: Both
  • Start: Drizzlik
  • Sharable
Open Quests

Supply and Demand

Bring 2 Large River Crocolisk Skins to Drizzlik in Booty Bay.
Large River Crocolisk Skin (2)


"The finest leathercrafter of the South Seas and the worlds old and new." That's what they call me. Me! Drizzlik! The finest lea... Ahem. Well.

My leather goods are known far and wide as the most exquisite, a connoisseur's choice!

I've just received an order from Director Riddlevox of the Tinkers' Union for a dozen of his favorite Excelsior-line boots. Our best sellers, actually.

To start on the basic shape, I'll need crocolisk skins from the crocs along the river in northern Stranglethorn.


Also, you get: 22


My equipment is all ready to go, <name>, I just need those skins. We don't want to keep Riddlevox waiting, that's for sure.

It's not a good idea for anyone to keep the chief inventor of the Tinkers' Union unsatisfied.


These skins should do. Their quality isn't too important, given that they'll make up the inside layer of the boots, but it's still important that they're comfortable.

If they're a bit too rigid, I'll use some tiger blood to soften it up. Tricks o' the trade, you know?


Upon completion of quests, get: