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Quick Facts

Keep An Eye Out

Dizzy One-Eye in Booty Bay wants you to retrieve his eye from the Bloodsail Buccaneers.
Dizzy's Eye


Avast! Who goes there?

Argh, I am but useless without me special enchanted eye. Bad enough to have lost me eyes in battle in the first place! But by some stroke o' luck we docked in Menethil and a traveling wizard enchanted a special glass eye that let me see again.

Last night I ended up gettin' jumped by some Bloodsail Buccaneers on me way out. Took me eye, they did! Seems those blokes have found their way to Booty Bay.

Help an old sea dog out by gettin' me eye back?


You will receive:
Darktide Cape


Ahoy, me bucko! Might not be able to see but I can smell ye from halfway across port.

Could really use me eye back. Captain's going to keelhaul me when he finds out me peeper is in the hands of them dirty Bloodsail Buccaneers.

What good is a lookout who can't see? The crow's nest used to be me home...without me deadlights I'd be lucky to scrub the bilge.


Shiver me timbers and timber me shivers! Ye found me beautiful eye! Let's see if she still fits.

Shavas ho! Blimey, I can see!!


Upon completion of quests, get: