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2.Ripple Recovery

Ripple Recovery

Talk to Gilveradin Sunchaser; his camp is located in the Hinterlands.


The elf you will need to talk to is Gilveradin Sunchaser. He can name any wine, vintage and all, just by smell alone! He can package up the ripple we need, so you'll need to talk with him. We need six bottles for packaging, two for dad, and how ever many he'll want... and believe me, he'll want some. When you've packaged the ripple and got dad's two bottles, come back here!

Gilveradin's camp is near some high elf lodge in the Hinterlands, and those high elves are not good. Trust me.


Ah, so you know Malton? He is an old drinking companion of mine. You see, I have found something that transcends the boundaries of artificial treaties and alliances - alcohol. Were we all to slake our thirsts on its blissful qualities, we all would be in a much better place spiritually.

Alas, something tells me that your visit here is not to learn of alcohol's redeeming values, now is it.


Upon completion of quests, get:
  • 440 experience (26 40 at max. level)
  • 250 Reputation with Orgrimmar