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3.A Sticky Situation
Open Quests

A Sticky Situation

Recover 10 bottles of Hinterlands Honey Ripple from the crates located around the abandoned Horde base in Skulk Rock.
Hinterlands Honey Ripple (10)


I possess original packaging materials for the ripple Dran Droffers seeks. I will assist you in packaging the ripple for Malton's abrasive father... for a fee of two additional bottles of said ripple. They are located in crates found in the abandoned Horde base near Skulk Rock.

It will be an arduous task, to wit; foul slimes and oozes will be found sticking to the ruins; rumor has it they are led by some sort of master ooze. Regardless, procure the ripple and return to me here for packaging.


I trust that your arrival here at our camp is to deliver the bottles of ripple that are integral to the task at hand, yes?


Finely executed, <name>. I am glad you had enough foresight not to bruise the delicacy of the ripple. There is nothing worse than the bouquet of ripple that has been jostled about needlessly.

It will take a moment for the magic to be wrought over this precious cargo. Actually, no magic is involved; I merely have some empty packaging for Hinterlands Honey Ripple. Our chicanery shall turn these bottles into an alcoholic treasure of the ages.

Onward - for great booze!


Upon completion of quests, get:
  • 440 experience (26 40 at max. level)
  • 250 Reputation with Orgrimmar