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Quick Facts

Honoring a Hero

Travel to Uther's Tomb in Western Plaguelands and use Uther's Tribute at his statue, and then return to Wagner Hammerstrike outside Ironforge before the Harvest Festival is over.
Provided Item:
Uther's Tribute


During the Harvest Festival of Azeroth, we give thanks to heroes for the sacrifices - in some cases ultimate sacrifices - they have given on our behalf. The Alliance acknowledges many heroes, but none weave a more tragic tale than that of Uther Lightbringer.

Help us honor Uther by taking this offering to his tomb in the Western Plaguelands. Place it at his statue, and then return to me. I'll only be here through the end of the festival, so waste no time in giving Uther his tribute.


You will receive:
For the Light!


Have you made the journey to Uther's Tomb and placed the tribute there?

It can be a dangerous trip for less experienced adventurers; a safer way of traveling there, relatively speaking, may be to travel north from the river that runs through Hillsbrad into the Plaguelands. It flows from a lake that is adjacent to Sorrow Hill; travel west up through the hills, steering clear of the adjacent tomb... one that is infested with the Scourge.


He was a hero among heroes, Uther was. I can't even begin to imagine the anguish of what he felt when Arthas - his greatest student and someone whom Uther loved like his own son - betrayed all of humanity. Still, he rose to try and stop Arthas, and for that he will be forever remembered as a true paladin. His fight was to the end, thinking only of those he might save.

Thank you, <name>. You've paid tribute to a great hero today, honoring his spirit and the spirit of the Harvest Festival.


Upon completion of quests, get: