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Quick Facts

A Solvent Spirit

Bring 4 Intact Makrura Eyes and 8 vials of Crawler Mucus to Master Vornal in Sen'jin Village.
Intact Makrura Eye (4)
Crawler Mucus (8)


Although my eyes fail me, I still can see clearly enough. More often I must rely on my alchemical skills to aid me in magics that once came easily. But I refuse to take on an apprentice--no troll or orc worthy enough has ever come forward.

Are you worthy? Yes, of course you are... of course you think you are.

I need a few things. Will you get them for me?

I need intact makrura eyes, and vials of crawler mucus. You can find them on any makrura or crawler in Durotar. We shall speak again soon.


You will receive:
Really Sticky Glue
Also, you get: 1 75


Time is the true test of your strength and will. Lose patience or give in to weakness, and your true self will be shown.


Well done, young one... well done indeed.


Upon completion of quests, get: