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2.Crossroads Conscription

Crossroads Conscription

Follow the western road from Kargal's Far Watch Outpost.

At the T intersection, turn left and follow the road south.

Find Sergra Darkthorn at the crossing of roads within the Crossroads.
Signed Recruitment Letter
Provided Item:
Signed Recruitment Letter


Take this signed recruitment letter to the Crossroads.

Sergra Darkthorn, curse her hide, is in charge there. She's a nasty shaman who will talk your head in circles before she lets you do anything useful. Thrall is convinced she's something special, but I'm not so sure.

You'll just have to decide for yourself, pup...


Well well well, what do we have here? Has Kargal deemed me worthy of another recruit?


Alright, <name>. You want to earn your keep with the Horde? Well there's plenty to do here, so listen close and do what you're told.

I see that look in your eyes, do not think I will tolerate any insolence. Thrall himself has declared the Hordes females to be on equal footing with you men. Disrespect me in the slightest, and you will know true pain


Upon completion of quests, get: