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2.Blackfathom Villainy

Blackfathom Villainy

Bring the head of Twilight Lord Kelris to Dawnwatcher Selgorm in Darnassus.
Head of Kelris


Strength has left me. Your help is needed!

Long ago this site was a great temple of Elune. But misfortune led to ruin when the corruption of an Old God seeped up from beneath the earth and tainted the sacred Moon Well.

Aku'Mai, servant of the Old God, rose from the waters.

The Twilight's Hammer cultists have allied with the naga to occupy these grounds. The cultists, led by Kelris, sacrifice innocents to Aku'Mai for power.

Slay Kelris and bring his head to Selgorm in Darnassus, <name>, please.


You can choose one of these awards:
Gravestone Scepter Arctic Buckler
Also, you get: 65


Time is a precious commodity, <class>.

My role here in Darnassus is to ensure that the Argent Dawn thrives and that the evil forces encroaching upon Kalimdor are thwarted.

State your business quickly or be on your way.


Kelris has eluded us for quite some time.

It seems as though whenever evil made its presence known in these parts, Kelris had played a role. For some time we considered him dead or missing.

But this makes perfect sense. By ending his reign you have spared the lives of many innocent people.

By the light! To sacrifice someone to a servant of an Old God for one's personal gain is beyond reproachful!

You have done a great deed, <name>. I salute you on behalf of the Argent Dawn.


Upon completion of quests, get: