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Befouled by Satyr

Slay 7 Hatefury Rogues, 7 Hatefury Felsworn, 7 Hatefury Betrayers, and 7 Hatefury Hellcallers, and return to Takata Steelblade in Desolace.
Hatefury Rogue slain (7)
Hatefury Felsworn slain (7)
Hatefury Betrayer slain (7)
Hatefury Hellcaller slain (7)


A demon infestation does not occur without other influences--something else allows evil to gain a foothold.

It may start with a weakened spirit, a needless desire for power; perhaps it's a thirst for revenge, or the appeal for final justice. When we are beset by pain, evil takes advantage of us--evil such as the satyr.

Ties have been made between them and the Burning Blade, and Thrall would have them slain. Seek them out to the northeast of here, and return to me when you've driven them back.


I was warned by a tauren companion that the satyr are not all they appear to be. He believes there is something more to them, that their evil is a twisting of their true nature. But I have not seen such things.

I see only the ruthless slaughter of the weak and the corruption of those who seek dark power.

I will continue in my duty of annihilating them until the Warchief directs me otherwise. Until then, I take no pity on them.


You have done well, <class>. You have shown honor and dedication.

When our campaign in Desolace is done, the Warchief will know that you aided us in our actions here, and that you helped make his will manifest.

I thank you.


Upon completion of quests, get:
  • 265 experience (15 90 at max. level)
  • 250 Reputation with Undercity