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Vulture's Vigor

Bring ten Vulture Gizzards and two Snickerfang Jowls to Bloodmage Lynnore.
Vulture Gizzard (10)
Snickerfang Jowl (2)


Death does indeed have wings in these blasted lands, <race>. I have witnessed the black slayers and bonepickers feasting upon the corpse of many a fallen explorer - sometimes feeding upon the most vile and disease ridden of carcasses. It is a wonder, then, how their internal systems overcome the pestilence that claims these lands.

Assist me in my studies, <name>! Gizzards I need! Two snickerfang jowls will also be required for the base of the concoction.

You shall be rewarded two-fold for your efforts.


You will receive:
Gizzard Gum
The following spell will be cast on you:
Spiritual Domination


Do not waste my time, <name>. We have nothing to discuss, unless you have recovered the items I have requested.


Most excellent! I shall get to work immediately. Perhaps a cure for many of the ailments of the world is to be found!

Ah yes, your reward - of course, should you require more of the gum, return to me and another task you shall be given.


Upon completion of quests, get:
  • 470 experience (28 20 at max. level)