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Kill 10 Blood Elf Reclaimers, and 10 Blood Elf Surveyors before seeking out Magus Rimtori's camp. Once you've found it, look for something that might be important to her that can be used to draw her into a fight.
Find Magus Rimtori's camp
Find Magus Rimtori's camp


I thought as much.

We start our crusade against her workers along the southern bluffs on the northern peninsula of Azshara. Kill them with bloody rage--let them know they've betrayed the wrong allies.

Do not concern yourself with her yet--she spends most of her time with her bodyguards searching Azshara. It would be prudent after you've slain her workers to find her personal camp. Scouting out where we can attack her would be wise. Perhaps there is something there we can use to provoke her.


The title of the book is emblazoned on the black leather cover in gold leaf--Kaldorei Tome of Summoning. As you open the pages you can see that the book is very old but in superb condition.

You assume the text is of some ancient language... perhaps Kaldorei?

Your instincts tell you that you should return here once you've finished doling out retribution on the blood elves for their betrayal.


You begin to skim some of the pages until you come to a page that's marked by a thin, black strip of silk cloth.

As you try to decipher the script, you see a diagram on the bottom of one of the pages. A quick look around at the scene before you and you realize that the crystals, the circle, and even some of the other components on the ground are set up in a similar pattern as the diagram.


Upon completion of quests, get:
  • 395 experience (23 70 at max. level)
  • 150 Reputation with Orgrimmar