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Quick Facts
  • Level: 53
  • Requires level: 47
  • Side: Both
  • Start: Kim'jael
  • Sharable
Open Quests

Kim'jael Indeed!

Search the Thalassian Base Camp for Kim'jael's Compass, Scope, Stuffed Chicken and Wizzlegoober, then return them to him in Azshara.
Kim'Jael's Compass
Kim'Jael's Scope
Kim'Jael's Stuffed Chicken
Kim'Jael's Wizzlegoober


Kim'jael indeed!! Do you know what Kim'jael means to the Blood elves, <name>? Little rat... or something like that. The big bullies!

They hired me to help them scout the area looking for some sort of lost treasures. Of course I jumped aboard the moment they said "treasure" and the amount they were willing to pay, but of course, they turned on me and tried to kill me... ME!

Goes to show you, you can't trust a Blood elf.

The problem is, they still have my equipment and I can't get it back. Help me out?


You will receive:
M73 Frag Grenade
Also, you get: 8


Those stinkin' Blood elves. I tell ya, if I was as strong as you are, I'd go down there and teach them a thing or two myself! But I'll have to settle with payin' you to take care of 'em for me.


Haha! You got them good, didn't you?!

This is great! That'll teach those Blood elves to betray their partners... especially someone as loyal as a goblin merchant! Bah, Blood elves...!

Well, the least I can do for you is pay you for your time... just like I said I would.

Here you go... those should be useful.


Upon completion of quests, get: