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2.Extinguishing the Idol

Extinguishing the Idol

Escort Belnistrasz to the Quilboar's idol in Razorfen Downs.

Protect Belnistrasz while he performs the ritual to shut down the idol.
Protect Belnistrasz while he performs the ritual to shut down the idol


Near the entrance is an idol that functions as a macabre oven for the Quilboar; the beasts... they literally consume their abductees from the Barrens. I can shut down the idol and bind them from using it again, but I need your aid in doing so. My plan: escort me to the idol. Once we arrive, I'll commence the ritual. I'll barely be able to communicate with you, let alone defend myself. Protect me while I shut down the idol. If they take me down, then it's all over for us.

Are you with me?!


You will receive:
Dragonclaw Ring


Belnistrasz's sudden departure has left behind a burning brazier. As you stare in to the flame, the image of a great-winged red dragon fills your mind. A more graveled version of Belnistrasz's voice speaks directly to you.

"Indeed mortals, you are the heroes I had hoped you would be. Thanks to you the butchery these beasts were perpetrating is a thing of the past. My faith in mortals such as yourself has been once more renewed. Take this as a reward befitting of a hero."


Upon completion of quests, get:
  • 425 experience (25 50 at max. level)