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Quick Facts

Bone-Bladed Weapons

Bring 8 White Ravasaur Claws to Jes'rimon in Orgrimmar.
White Ravasaur Claw (8)


Hmm, maybe there be somethin' you can do for the Hand now that me think 'bout it. Yes, Jes'rimon could use your help for sure.

In Un'Goro Crater there be raptors with deadly claws. Some of those raptors sometimes have white claws instead of ones black like death. The Hand have... clients... that like weapons crafted from these claws. Bring me many of those white claws, and me pay you good coin. Do it fast enough, and maybe me help you in other ways.


You can choose one of these awards:
White Bone Band White Bone Shredder White Bone Spear
Also, you get: 40


Me clients are not so patient, <name>. Have you gotten any of the claws yet?


Ah, these do nicely. Thank you, <name>. An' you be here long before they needed... that be good.

Maybe we have a weapon fashioned for you from the claws. What do you say?


Upon completion of quests, get: