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Fuel for the Zapping

Collect 10 Water Elemental Cores from the Sea Elementals and Sea Sprays along the Forgotten Coast of Feralas, and bring them back to Zorbin Fandazzle who is near the dock there.
Water Elemental Core (10)


If I bet against my own better judgment and stay to run an engineering shop along the Forgotten Coast, I will need to deal with these pesky elementals. Curse the powers of elementalism unchecked, I say!

Fortunately for me, and now for you my hopeful agent provocateur, the elementals represent an ideal source of raw power for my Ultra-Shrinker refinement - give them the what-for I say! When doing this though, be sure to save me the water elemental cores!


You will receive:
Zorbin's Water Resistant Hat
Also, you get: 70


While I could bore you with the technical details of the utility behind elemental cores, I will instead tempt you to completion of this important task by offering valuable coin and prizes for doing so. Yon verily, are you finished?


Scrumdillyriffic! These cores will keep me working for some time. Add to that the benefit of there now being fewer elementals along the coast, and I might no longer cry myself to sleep at the prospect of having set up shop in perhaps the worst place imaginable!

Thank you, <name>, for your efforts on my behalf. While it certainly straps me financially to do this, allow me to show you some gratitude you may understand and appreciate... loot!


Upon completion of quests, get: