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Quick Facts

Incendosaurs? Whateverosaur is More Like It

Hansel Heavyhands wants you to kill 20 Incendosaurs.

You will find Incendosaurs occupying the lava pools inside the Slag Pit. The Slag Pit can be found in the Cauldron of the Searing Gorge.

Return to Hansel Heavyhands in the Searing Gorge when you have killed enough Incendosaurs.
Incendosaur slain (20)


Bunions, lad. Me bunions got bunions. How am I supposed to do any sort of killin' with me feet in such disarray? That's why ye're gonna help.

Scrange and Burninate tasked me to kill these things so they can send some expeditionary teams down into the Slag Pit lava pools to do some explorin'. Supposedly some incendosaurs or some such nonsense down there causin' all kinds o' problems. Now move along an' don't come back 'til the incendosaur population be extinct.


You will receive:
Also, you get: 70


<Hansel is busily rubbing his bunions.>

Don't just stand there, grab some oil and a luffa and get to scrubbin' these bunions.

Ye don't have a luffa? Well then! Perhaps it's time I sent you out to find a luffa?%

Hey, where are ye goin'?


Oh me achin' feets.

I figured since ye didn't have a luffa...


Upon completion of quests, get: