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4.The Source Revealed
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The Source Revealed

Find Apothecary Staffron Lerent in the Hillsbrad Foothills behind Ravenholdt Manor.


What? Treason? No, no. I assure you, my intentions are completely harmless.

Is it so wrong to help those who wish to ease the painful ritual of courtship? Come, that is no crime.

And to prove that I mean no harm, I will even tell you my source.

They were shipped to me by a Staffron Lerent, an apothecary of some sort. I never spoke with him.

Our goblin middle man said that he worked in the foothills over Hillsbrad past that mysterious Ravenholdt Manor. I wish you luck in finding him.


Yes, I made those fragrances. Wonderful smell, isn't it? Irresistible.

Once the warriors of Alliance and Horde alike are smitten with these feelings of love, they will be powerless to stop the rise of the Shadow Council.

They will be weakened, unprepared. As they worry for their loved ones, they will lose their edge.

The solution was so simple. Why did it take me so long to come upon it? The weakness of all is through the heart. And there is nothing you can do to stop the inevitable.