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The Apes of Un'Goro

Bring 2 Un'Goro Gorilla Pelts, 2 Un'Goro Stomper Pelts, and 2 Un'Goro Thunderer Pelts to Torwa Pathfinder at the entrance of Un'Goro Crater.
Un'Goro Gorilla Pelt (2)
Un'Goro Stomper Pelt (2)
Un'Goro Thunderer Pelt (2)


This crater has many strange creatures--they seem to be nobler versions of the creatures found throughout my homeland and beyond. I cannot explain it, but this place cries of the Earth Mother. I pay homage to her every time I track one of her beautiful creatures across its basin.

If you too wish to feel the enlightenment that accompanies such a great feat, then head to the north. There you'll find great apes who are a test for any mortal's strength. Bring me their pelts... prove your strength.


Also, you get: 85


Have the creatures here bested you already, <name>?

Do not be dissuaded so easily. Tracking and defeating the apes of Un'Goro is no simple task, even for a great hunter.


So, you have proven strong, strong enough to best the great apes of Un'Goro--that is good. The challenge was small compared to Lar'korwi, but I will not take such a great victory away from you.

These pelts will make wonderful clothing for my tribe. You have helped me and proven worthy.

Before you set off on another task, let us give praise to the Earth Mother and thank the spirits of those apes you killed--they must know their deaths will not be wasted.


Upon completion of quests, get:
  • 565 experience (33 90 at max. level)