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Snickerfang Jowls

Bring three Snickerfang Jowls, two Blasted Boar Lungs, and one Scorpok Pincer to Bloodmage Drazial.
Snickerfang Jowl (3)
Blasted Boar Lung (2)
Scorpok Pincer


It is a well known fact that hyenas possess tremendous strength in their jowls, but the strength to snap through three inches of thorium steel? Impossible, improbable, and yet I have seen this demonstrated with my own eyes.

Venture forth, into the Blasted Lands, and bring me three snickerfang jowls. As you search for the snickerfang, be on the lookout for boars and scorpoks: The initial assay also requires two blasted boar lungs and one scorpok pincer to complete.


You will receive:
The following spell will be cast on you:
Rage of Ages


You smell foul, <name>. Have you been traipsing in sulfur fields? And where are my components?!


How do you feel, <name>? You radiate with the aura of the snickerfang--your strength, unmatched by mortals!

Unfortunately, with the components you brought to me, I could only make enough of the assay for one tablet. I will require more components, should you require another tablet.


Upon completion of quests, get:
  • 470 experience (28 20 at max. level)